Attention Wright College Students: Don’t Be Scammed

Veterans Education Success11666020_846348235446987_3819231947671441422_n is a non-profit organization that provides free advice and counseling to students.

On April 15, 2016, Wright Career College closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy, ceasing operations and discontinuing instruction at its five campuses in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

If you were a student at Wright Career College, we can help. Here’s what you need to know:


1) Education Dept Loan Forgiveness:

You are entitled by law to a “Closed School Discharge.”  You don’t need a private company to file for you.   You shouldn’t pay anyone to get your rights.  There’s currently a company named “First Student Aid” contacting Wright College students to charge $500 to get your legal rights. You don’t need to pay them.  It’s easy and free from the Education Department.  Go here to file for your Closed School Discharge now.

If you have trouble, our non-profit can give you FREE help to fill out the forms. Just send us an email at:  [email protected].


2) Don’t Fall for Vatterott, Brown Mackie, and National American University lies.

Currently, some of the worst for-profit colleges are targeting Wright College students to get you to enroll.  Don’t believe their lies.  They’re under investigation by federal and state law enforcement for deceiving students.  Click here to read a recent news article explaining some of the investigations.
You are better off a community colleges, because they are run by the state government (public colleges) and are properly accredited and respected by business.
Too many for-profit college programs – especially at Vatterott and Brown Mackie – lack the proper accreditation and their graduates cannot get jobs.  Go to a solid, respected community college.