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If You Were Deceived By a School, We Can Help

  • Please report any deceptions or unfair treatment to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ new complaint system and to the Defense Department’s new system if you used Tuition Assistance or MyCAA. Protect your buddies by letting VA & DOD know who the bad actors are.
  • Please also report any suspicious activity, deceptions, or unfair treatment to the Department of Education.  Also tell them if you are having problems with financial aid, student loans, student loan companies, or debt collectors.
  • If you faced fraud or deception regarding a private loan, such as from a bank or from your school, you should alert the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
  • Please alert your state Attorney General, who may help you on an individual basis.  Look on the internet for your state’s “attorney general consumer complaint” form.
  • 21 states have student tuition recovery funds or guaranty funds, which are pots of money available to reimburse students in certain situations.  Some states even cover the $ value of your lost GI Bill!
  • Please also let us know at Veterans Education Success or email us at:  [email protected].  We can connect you with free attorneys and law enforcement, and we can advocate on your behalf with state and federal agencies and with your college.

Got Loans? Help is Available!

You can get your federal student loans forgiven (and even get reimbursed for loans you already paid) if your school:

  • Took out loans in your name without your permission or signed your name without your knowledge (application form is here);
  • Defrauded or deceived you (online application form is here);
  • Closed (and you were enrolled within 120 days of its closure) (application form is here); or
  • Wrongly enrolled you in a program you couldn’t benefit from (such as if you lacked a GED) (application form is here).

You can also get your loans forgiven or reduced if you are:

  • Totally disabled;
  • Working in a Public Interest job (including military, government, and non-profit);
  • Working as a Teacher; or
  • Not making enough money to pay your loans.  The Education Department has 4 terrific programs to lower your monthly payments!  Most students don’t know about it!  Apply here.

Active duty?  Be sure you get your rights!

  • No loan – private or federal – can charge you more than 6% interest rate while you’re on active duty, and 0% interest rate if you’re serving in a hostile area.  Learn more here and here.
  • You’re entitled to postpone your loan payments while you’re on active duty.  Learn more here and here.
  • You’re entitled to be excused from having to file routine paperwork with the Education Department while on active duty.  Learn more here.
  • Finally, the Defense Department will repay some loans in some situations.  Ask your designated Military Personnel Officer for help finding out.

Want help?  Free lawyers are available to help you.  Email us at:  [email protected]

Scholarships for Student Veterans

Free college tuition money exists through many scholarships for student veterans, such as the Pat Tillman Foundation Scholars (click here), Wells Fargo’s Veterans Scholarship (click here) and others listed at Student Veterans of America (click here) and US Department of Veterans Affairs (in addition to the GI Bill) (click here) and US Department of Education (click here). There are also scholarships for military children (click here) and spouses (click here). But be careful: Some “scholarships” offered by a college are only tricks to lure you into a “bad actor” college, with hidden fees.  We can help you figure out which scholarships are for real.