Chris Pantzke

Disabled Iraq war veteran Chris Pantzke has helped spread the word about the frustration he’s experienced while studying photography as an online student at Education Management Corp.’s Art Institute of Pittsburgh. In September 2011, his story was the focus of a Frontline Investigative Report on PBS:

Click here to watch the full report on PBS.

As Bloomberg reports:

The post 9/11 GI Bill, which took effect August 1, 2009, expanded military benefits for returning soldiers and has provided about half of the $50,000 in financial aid Pantzke has received. The for-profit college industry has tripled revenue in the past decade to nearly $30 billion by taking advantage of U.S.-supported federal loans and grants and is targeting the more than 1.2 million war veterans deployed since 2001 in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click here to watch a Bloomberg interview with Pantzke.

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