Tell The University of Phoenix: Support Students, Not Stadiums!

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The University of Phoenix, a for-profit business, is spending $154 million dollars for the naming rights to the Cardinals stadium in Arizona through 2026.

Who’s paying for that? The American taxpayer — and America’s veterans.

That’s because the University of Phoenix and its parent company, the Apollo Group, received more taxpayer dollars than any other educational institution in 2014 — more than 92% of their total revenue.

And in 2012-2013, they received $272 million in Post-9/11 GI Bill funds.

Yet the University of Phoenix spends a mere $892 on instruction per student — less than a quarter of what a community college spends on instruction per student.

The University of Phoenix shouldn’t be naming stadiums with taxpayer dollars intended for America’s veterans.

The University of Phoenix should be prohibited from using GI Bill money for marketing and put veteran students before wasteful self-promotion. Tell the University of Phoenix to sell back the naming rights and use that money for students not stadiums!