Westwood College Students: Get Help Here


If you’re a veteran or service member who have attended or are attending Westwood College, we can help.

We know it isn’t easy learning your school is suddenly closing.

Trying to figure out your next step and what your rights are? Veterans Education Success is an IRS-approved non-profit organization that provides free advice, counseling, and legal support to veterans.

1) We can help you find a new college. We can help you find a new college and help you enroll. Community colleges and public universities have better accreditation (which means their credits transfer and the degree is recognized), better prices (so you won’t take on debt), and better help and support for students, resulting in better graduation rates and career assistance. Community colleges are the best price of all, and if you lost a lot of your GI Bill at Westwood, then a community college might best meet your needs.

Looking for an online college? There are several public universities with high-quality online education at a reasonable price. There are also a few more creative universities that are allowing students to “test out” of some requirements.

We can help you find the right fit.

2) We can also help you file state and federal complaints against Westwood. If Westwood deceived or misled you about any part of your college experience – like financing, educational quality, or transferability of credits – you have rights. We can help you file complaints with the right state and federal agencies. These complaints may provide you financial relief, although that is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in any of these services or if you have questions, please fill out this form. We want to help you land on your feet!

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